Korona Hotelu Vinnica
Elegantly, intimately, exceptionally
Just below Krakow!
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Vinnica hotel is a new spot on the map of lesser Poland region (Malopolska).

linia czarna

Located in Sygneczów about 15 km from the Centre of Cracow and right next to the one of the biggest attractions in the region - The Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Here you will feel like home. It's charming and a perfect place for people seeking respite and those who either want to relax and forget about the city noise or need calm atmosphere to work.


You will also be surprised
by the quality of our kitchen
and taste of great local cousine.


A sense of well-being of our guests is our priority,That is why we care about every detail. Friendly service, subtle elegance of our interiors and beautiful surroundings with fresh and smog-free air make Vinnica stay unique and unforgettable.


There are two air-conditioned, spacious and stylishly decorated banquet rooms with professional sound system and comfortable accommodation, (a total of 28 rooms and suites) at your disposal.


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Vinnica Hotel

Sygneczów 1
32-020 Wieliczka

+48 500 029 390